Included Hail Protector Mobile App Subscription (USA Only)

Hail Protector Mobile App is available in the USA only.  We are efforting to launch the mobile app in additional markets.


INCLUDED with your Hail Protector System purchase is a one-year subscription to our ‘Early Warning Hail Alert and Weather App by HAIL PROTECTOR’ on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The mobile app provides

  1. Daily Hail Forecast and as many as 8 days into the future (Android) in two clicks
  2. Early warning hail and other severe weather push alerts, for the location you enter into the mobile app
  3. Multiple alert sounds to choose from
  4. Multi-day traditional weather forecast with wind speed and direction

Upon purchase of your Hail Protector System, you will be emailed instructions on how to download the mobile app for FREE.  Please always feel free to email us as well at regarding the mobile app.

After the first year, the mobile app is $4.99 per year if you choose to renew.


For Customers who wish the MOBILE APP ONLY: 

The ‘Early Warning Hail Alert and Weather App by HAIL PROTECTOR’ is also available for subscription without purchasing a Hail Protector System.

The mobile app is available via subscription for $4.99 per year on either App Store.

CLICK the App Store Icon, below, associated with your mobile phone (iPhone or Android), to learn more about the mobile app.  Upon download of the app, the initial app screen will show the option to either enter your password or subscribe to the app.

For Customer Support on the Mobile Apps:

Please contact us at




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