The Complete Hail Protector System

When you purchase a Hail protector system, everything you need is included!

Every Hail Protector System Includes:

1. Selected Cover Size (click here for help in finding the length of your auto)

2. The Complete HAIL PROTECTOR Accessory Bag.  See image below.

3. Cover Storage bag, of ample size, with cinching straps and drawstring

4. FREE HAIL PROTECTOR Mobile App (mobile app is available in the USA Only, additional markets in development) 

5. One Year Parts and Labor Warranty (optional two year or three-year extended warranties available)

Hail Protector Accessory Bag Includes:

Three Power Options included with every Hail Protector System:

We are protecting your vehicle and you never know if a hail storm will hit while you are at work, home or on the go so we want to make sure you are covered.

The blower assembly may be powered by one of three included power options. The three power options include an “AA” battery pack (batteries not included) that will run the system for about one hour. We require nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries. Energizer rechargeable batteries seem to be a reasonable cost and a good brand that will run the system for approximately one hour and you can use them over and over again with recharging.

Included is a car accessory plug that will run the system for three hours without depleting the starting power of your vehicle (assuming the battery in your vehicle is of reasonable health), and an AC adapter, that plugs into a wall outlet, will run the system virtually indefinitely.  The AC adapter is capable of operating in any AC voltage between 110v and 240v.

Hail Protector Mobile App:

The Hail Protector Mobile App is available to all Apple or Android smartphones in the USA.  We are efforting to roll out the mobile app in additional markets around the world.  Included with your Hail Protector System purchase is a FREE ‘Early Warning Hail Alert and Weather App by HAIL PROTECTOR’ on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It includes a daily forecast, personalized Hail Alerts, and much more!  For details, visit the "Mobile App".

Optional Items for a new Hail Protector

While everything you need is included for complete hail protection, we do offer a few optional accessories that you may consider.

Do you have a WiFi Outlet or would you like to operate your Hail Protector through WiFi from nearly anywhere in the world? If so, you will need the "Female to Female DC Adapter". This adapter replaces the rocker switch when using a WiFi Outlet or WiFi Outlet Adapter (purchased separately). See image below:

DC to DC Connector

Do you plan to use the cover for a traditional car cover, too? You may want to select the optional Waterproof Foam Rounds, for preserving the blower system while using the cover long term as a traditional car cover.  This reduces the sun exposure of the plastics of the blower system.  The foam rounds are inserted where the blowers are typically on the car cover to protect against water and dust.  See image below:

Click here to see More Hail Protector System Photos 

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